Managed Services

Free up your company's resources to focus on doing what you do best in your business, while letting us manage what we do best in our field of Managed Services.

Adopting Managed Services is the practice where a business outsources the responsibility of running, managing and maintaining some aspects of its functions and processes to an expert third party. This is commonly practised especially in the area of business technology.

In today's world, most businesses depend on some form of technology in order to stay competitive and efficient. Running an in-house technology team with the necessary hardware, software and related resources requires a high level of investment.

It makes sense for companies that do not have competency in the fast growing world of information technology to work with an expert partner. This allows a company's valuable resources to be focused on driving business growth and developing its competitive edge.

As an experienced Managed Services Provider, Linexcom has a wide range of solutions to offer..

We Provide The Following Solutions

Manpower outsource for hardware and software services

Maintenance contract or ad-hoc services

IT infrastructure auditing

IT infrastructure health check

Relocation services

Growth and setup consultation

Project management

Disaster recovery service

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