Our Story

How & Why We Started

Since 2005 Linexcom has been a trusted partner to its many clients, playing an integral role as their information technology expert to strengthen and support crucial areas of their businesses.

Linexcom is built on the strong foundation of its founder, Michael Chuah. With his technology background coupled with vast experience from his years of employment and exposure in working with various MNCs, he decided to put his skill to good use by setting up Linexcom.

Having first-hand experience in the way his family business was run for two generations, Michael Chuah founded Linexcom with a simple aim - to help businesses be more efficient and secure in their day-to-day operations by leveraging on technology.

Witnessing the days when his grandfather and father operated their business, he observed that there was a lack of structure in place. Important aspects of the business were managed without proper systems nor documentation. Stocks and business records were manually kept. The business and trade know-how were merely in the heads of the business owners. Those were the days when technology weren’t as widely and easily adopted in running a business.

Seeing the risks and a plethora of issues from such business practise, Michael felt the need to help business owners implement better systems and risk management tools. With this objective, he founded Linexcom to serve the Malaysian business communities and subsequently expanded beyond its shores.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

- Mahatma Gandhi